Handwriting is an Art (सुंदर लिखना एक कला है…)

Baby Photo shoot Ideas

Photo-shoots are in fashion these days. Every moment is being captured, printed, uploaded on social media, shared, likes & comments. Engagement shoots, Pre-wedding shoots, honeymoon photoshoots, then comes pregnancy photography, and finally arrival of the baby! If you notice, we usually capture moments before birth till our lifetime. I thought of doing a photo-shoot with […]

Comics for Your Kid

Oh, I just love reading comics! Children are attracted to pictures and images rather than reading long stories. They identify the story just by relating to the pictures. I bring you the list of comics you can give you child to read. Archie Comic Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and the rest of the gang of Riverdale […]

Learning while Playing

Whatever a child learns at a tender age remains with him/her forever. So, it is important that we teach them the right thing because it sticks with them. As children grow, they grow with the habits inhibiting in them. For example, My father was always a strict man. When my younger sis started going to […]

9 Famous Storybook Series for children

Today, I felt like re-living my childhood days. I was feeling giddy and happy when I was reading a story book. So I thought of sharing some famous book series for your kids at home. I am sure they will enjoy reading them because I did! These books not only improve vocabulary of your children […]

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